Cedar Products

Seattle Adirondack Chairs


Single Chair: Hand made with clear cedar. Prefinished or natural.
Love Seat: Hand made with clear cedar. Prefinished or natural.
Double Chair w Table: Hand made with clear cedar. Prefinished or natural with 1 1/2+ slates for more comfort

All of the chairs are clear cedar material made to fit each chair. all the cedar is cut to 1″  thick sealed and glued to every joint with exterior TITE BOND III glue. More information


All ottoman are clear cedar with built in carrying handle, made to fit Adirondack chairs natural or sealed.  All glued every joint, natural or sealed.

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All tables are clear cedar approximately 24 by 24 inches, glued at every joint, natural or finished, made to height of Adirondack chairs.


benches are clear cedar, approximately 42 to 48 inches long, approximately 20 inches tall, all glued every joint ,natural or finished. More information


All trellis are hand cut cedar; all 7/8 thick on all sides.  Made to last more than a couple of years  several sizes all glued at every joint.

Flower Boxes

All flower boxes are 7/8 to 1 inch thick cedar;  9 to 10 inches tall all come trimmed out with a sealed exterior or left natural.  sizes 1foot to 2foot long and 10 inches to12 inches wide. We can make custom boxes on request. all glued at every joint the inside is natural so you can even grow vegetables. More information

Plant Dollies

All plant dollies are 9 by 9 inches, 12 by 12 inches, or larger upon request all wheels have a 85 pound rating. All 1 inch thick material and made from cedar, all glued every joint

Cedar Stacks

Stacks cedar up to 32 inches tall and tapered from 7/8 thick to 1/2 inch thick. very sturdy stacks.

We can do specialty items for your yard if it is made out of clear cedar